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"I used FishFigure when I caught my 12lb carp. I just brought it into my net, took a photo, and carried on fishing after I released it. Later, I used the app to work out it's weight and shared it on Facebook. A great app and really easy to use."

Peter from Stoke

FishFigure Fishing App

FishFigure is a fishing app that can record, measure and log your catch from just one photograph.  It can be used from either your phone or tablet, or if you prefer using a digital camera just download your photo onto our web app, and you can Fish Figure your fish from your laptop or desktop computer instead.

Designed to promote fishing conservation, the FishFigure fishing app can be used to measure over 150 species of coarse, sea warm and cold, and game fish.  You can log all the catch information using FishFigure’s log book and it will automatically upload the weather information.

My FishFigures will keep a track of all your catch details, but best of all the fishing app can store multiple photos of your catch so you can share the perfect memory of your days fishing all from within the app.

Developed by fishing enthusiasts, for fishing enthusiasts

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