About Us at FishFigure

FishFigure was developed by a team of fishing enthusiasts wanting a fishing app that would record, measure and log our catch, all from just one photograph.  We knew a fishing app which made it quicker and easier to record catch details would be better for the fish and allow us more time to do the thing we love – catching more fish!

After a lot of sleepless nights we created the new FishFigure fishing app which can be used from your phone, tablet or if you prefer using a digital camera on your desktop computer using our web app version.  Not only does it calculate your fish’s weight but it provides the perfect logbook recording its species, when and where it was caught, on which fly or lure it took, and even what the weather was like that day!

FishFigure, however, does not pretend to be a scientific instrument – fish weights are indicative and the formulas used are based on historic scales. As all fishermen know, fish of the same species and length will inevitably vary in weight depending on their location and condition.  However if you believe as passionately as we do about fishing conservation this is the best fishing app for you.

FishFigure has a patent pending as a fish measuring tool.

Tight lines and help us to protect our fish…

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