How To Take A Photo Of Your Catch And Measure Its Length Accurately

FishFigure has been designed to make it as simple as possible for anglers to measure the size of their fish.

However there are 3 principles that you have to follow for the App to be accurate.

Principle 1 – Place an item of a known length (Rod, Net, Tackle Box etc.) beside your fish.

Principle 2 – Make sure the picture is taken with the item of known length and fish at the same distance from the camera.

Principle 3 – Have your item for calibration as close to the fish as possible.


This picture shows the rod handle, of a known length, close to the fish.

FishFigure is a social network and mobile fishing app to measure, record and log all your sport fish. FishFigure synchronises across your devices so you are able to photo your fish on your mobile and at a later date look at it in your logbook on your laptop or PC. The mobile app works offline and online!

There are three ways to store your catch information in your logbook.

  1. The first is to FishFigure using the standard method,
  2. The second uses variable calibration,and
  3. The third way is by manual input.

To FishFigure your catch via standard calibration, measure and mark a chosen item (rod handle, net, etc.) at 10”/25.4cms.  To use variable calibration, use any item of a known length in your photo.


Once you have caught your fish, quickly take a photo of it alongside your marked or chosen item. This will be used for calibration to then measure the length and gain an indicative weight for your catch. Then quickly and carefully return your fish to the water. You will FishFigure your catch at a later date in order to improve the practice of catch and release

Once you have done the previous steps successfully, and/or finished fishing, import your photo into the FishFigure App and match the calibration tool to your marked piece of equipment if using standard calibration, or to your chosen item and input the known length. The next step is to select the species and use the measuring tool – this time on the fish – from the ‘v’ of the tail to the tip of the nose. The App then will define the length and calculate an indicative weight. Press ‘save’ to store your catch details in your logbook.


The logbook can be accessed from the main menu in the App, or found in your account on the WebApp (access via the website: FishFigure is a social fishing app allowing you to share your catch with your friends via social media, upload it to Facebook and Twitter, or send it out via email.


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