Are You Heading Pike Fishing In Scotland?

There are only a few species that can be fished over the whole of Scotland with Pike being the most popular. From the highland lochs, travelling down the Lowland lochs and rivers, Scotland offers fantastic pike fishing.

Pike are a predatory fish that spends hours, days and sometimes even weeks patiently waiting for the right opportunity to attack at their prey. They tend to wait for a smaller fish to come along, for example a roach that has strayed a little too far from the shoal, then boom, the pike strikes and the prey is unable to escape the grip of the predators hundred of little teeth.

Scotland sits in the middle of the geographical area where pike can be found, from Norfolk in England to Northern European countries. The mid-range setting gives pike the correct climate and conditions, which sees the species grow to a consistently large size. The most notable lochs producing several pike weighing over 30lbs are Loch Awe in Argyll and Bute, Loch Ken in Dumfries and Galloway, and Loch Lomond in the Highlands. The largest pike recorded in Scotland was caught on Loch Lomond weighing a whopping 47lbs 11oz in 1947.

Today, the pike is Scotland’s number one freshwater predator, and with many fisheries able to offer great pike fishing, the angler will likely have the water to themselves or only with a few others. This special offering enables the angler to enjoy the natural and sincere beauty that Scotland has to offer.

Once a pike is caught, pike anglers weigh their catch in pounds and ounces. To help you calculate the weight of your fish, download the FishFigure app to size your fish from a photo. Alternatively, you can create a manual logbook entry if you have measured the weight and/or length of the pike.

If you are heading off on a day trip, or perhaps a longer one, check first whether or not you need to buy a permit. Additionally, take with you the correct equipment to handle and deal with the large pike that you will catch. The tools used for unhooking are equally important as the rods, reels and nets that you use. Practicing catch and release will enable others to enjoy the sport you love in the future.

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