Is A Record Year For Roach On The Cards…?

There have been many projects put in place over the past decade to rejuvenate the roach species nationwide on both rivers and stillwaters. With successful results, 2016 sets to be a record one!

“Leading the charge to revive Britain’s most iconic fish is the longest-running conservation drive – the Avon Roach Project – which has seen a record-breaking year. Species enthusiasts Trevor Harrop and Budgie Price created the scheme to boost redfin stocks on the Hampshire Avon by installing dozens of spawning boards. Roach lay their eggs on these and the juveniles are then nurtured with the aim of later restocking them back into the river.”

According to Trevor, “The past couple of years have been the most fruitful for us by far and 2016 is going to be a special year for the species,” he said.

“The fish we restock are now bigger and better than they have ever been, and we are producing more numbers as we have honed our techniques after 11 years of running it. The work is starting to make a real difference.”

However, it is not only the Hampshire Avon with a successful programme to see the rejuvenation project work. Many river trusts are using Trevor’s ideas and are installing spawning boards to hold fry for restocking.

“Fish stocks, in particular roach, have been in decline on the Kennet in recent years and we wanted to do something about it, so we have been working hard with the Environment Agency to improve fish habitats on the waterway and breed more fish,” he said.

Fisheries across the country are recording greater catch numbers, owing much happiness to many anglers.

Leading fisheries consultant Andrew Ellis, of AE Fisheries said:

“A lot of people want to fish for big roach, especially the more traditional anglers, and plenty of fisheries have started to try to provide this, including Lemington.
“We have been netting and cropping the stock at Abbey Lake to help produce some of the biggest and best fish.“This year’s netting saw us pick out a handful of roach to 3lb 4oz – the lake has some truly stunning fish in it,” he added.

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