Salmon Fishing Courses On The River Tweed, Autumn 2016

Some say it doesn’t get better than autumn fly fishing for salmon, so we are very excited to tell you about Chris Hayward, the new Farlows Group Tuition Manager’s, salmon fishing courses he is running this year on the River Tweed.

The River Tweed is one of the most fruitful rivers in Europe, which combined with salmon runs at their highest, gives every fisherman a chance of hooking the fish of their dreams. When this crowning moment happens, remember to take a quick photo of your fish and an all important ‘money-shot’ picture. At a later date, as you sit back and reminisce over your success, you can upload the photo of your catch into FishFigure, the fishing app to size your fish.

With the course held at Bemersyde, the outstanding fishing takes place on one of the most beautiful positions on the river, as it twists past the Eildon Hills in a stunning and striking wooded gorge. Here, fishermen are given complete seclusion from the outside world – it is a unique and extremely special place of peace, tranquility and beauty.

The stretch itself is one mile long, consisting of two-thirds offering double bank fishing. The fly-fishing presented is exciting, interesting and of a very high quality, with the added bonus of a pool or stream for every height of water.

On this year’s course two Farlow’s instructors will be nearby on the riverbank to help, guide and assist you ensuring you develop the skills required to tackle every possible outcome. Moreover, the dream of catching your much anticipated salmon becomes ever more tangible with the inside knowledge and expertise of two gillies at Bemersyde.

Details for the courses:

The first course is being held Thursday, 22nd September – Saturday, 24th September 2016.

There are six rods on offer – £1,499 per rod.

The second course is being held from Monday, 21st October – Wednesday, 2nd November 2016.

There are four rods on offer – £1,699 per rod.

It is important to note that despite being one of the best European rivers to fish, this course offers the perfect opportunity for salmon fishing beginners, those wanting to improve their knowledge, and well-established fishermen alike to take part. No matter what standard you are, this course offers the chance to build and develop skills, be introduced to one of the finest beats on the river, and, with any luck, create memories that will last forever and a day.

What to find included in the course prices:

  • Full board and accommodation at the Townhouse, Melrose
  • All fishing for the duration of the course
  • Lunch on the riverside
  • Full access to instruction and guiding
  • A FREE casting lesson to refine your skills pre-fishing trip
  • 10% off any tackle bought from Farlows prior to the course

We are not sure about you, but it sure sounds like a fantastic trip to us!

If you would like more information, contact Farlows sister store Sportfish Reading:

Telephone: 0118 930 3860


Website: Farlows Fly Fishing

Download the FishFigure app FREE for iOS or Android. Alternatively, visit their website to register FREE for the WebApp where you can use photos from your phone or digital camera.